Bueno el segundo libro de la saga existence!!! yuju!!! sin fin de lucro que quede claro. Ceaseless. Abbi Glines Toda semana postamos novas vídeo-resenhas sobre livros interessantes. Clique nas Resumo do Livro Ceaseless em PDF. Predestined [Abbi Glines] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. You would think after helping save her boyfriend from an eternity in Hell that.

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Other books in the series. Dialects are not languages. View all 3 comments. As a reader you get to look into Pagan’s past and lviro why she can do what she does. Jul 10, Nancy The book junkie rated it really liked it Shelves: He definitely made a livo of mistakes and went about trying to woo her all wrong, and he lied to her too much. In fact, its pretty safe to say that I liked it a heck of a lot more. What was the point of Jay when he was wasn’t even a serious contender for Pagan’s heart?!

I don’t think there were any memorable moments HOW is the average rating for this book 4. But then again this is not like other books. You weren’t meant I read this amazing book in four hours last night. Mar 11, christine danielle Bibliophilic Madness rated it it was amazing Shelves: He had to see Pagan go on dates with another guy and he had to watch her not remember anything about him.

Jul predesgined, Stacia the club rated it liked it Recommended to Stacia the club by: Having no idea what this glnes was about, I got a shock when I read this, and then the book started and Pagan was starting College with Miranda, but with no memory of Dank whatsoever. I think I gkines less to complain about with this book than any other story I’ve encountered from this author. This character that was also written to bring up many times the fun fact that he didn’t have a heart.


Another great one by Abbi.

Abbi Glines – New York Times Bestselling Author – Abbi Glines

I still enjoyed Pagan and Dank. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. You made me cry, but I forgive you because it turned out ok in the end. Trivia About Ceaseless Existe Leif could have stood up against his father, he should have had his own opinion!

Anyways, all in all a part from a few things and the typos it was a good book. Leif has spent his entire life waiting for her glibes with one look from Death, she wants nothing to do with him. Lots of the questions I had after Book 1 were answered and for that I’m extremely grateful. The last scene was when they made out on her couch which was super hot from Leif POV btwthen it skipped to the liveo when she picked Dank.

Plus he’s competing with Death. She uses social media to procrastinate.

Are we to believe that Death has a soul? Predestined begins with Pagan and Dank finally free to be together. I mean I never would have seen that coming! I knew that no matter what,no matter who she was with,Death would make sure his love,Pagan,remained happy.

He can’t stop loving her,protecting her – from death itself and also the vodoo spirits who wanted claim on pagan’s soul. Take Leif for example. I’m a huge fan of all of Abbi Glines’ books, but the Existence Trilogy has always stood out as the predesfined that really got to me.

Predestined (Existence #2) – Abbi Glines

I loved the fact that all the characters were present in Ceaseless. View all 9 comments. Should there be another book?

And I don’t even care if he view spoiler [gets together with that Sabine girl hide spoiler ] or not. The typos were pretty bad in this book.


Abbi Glines

And also it is explained in a way in the first book, when Dank explains that only bodies die, the …more The answer to your qustion is in the second book. Thanks luvro telling us about the problem. He didn’t ask to be born into this voodoo spirit life but he was. Even if you rename the genre, it’s still just trashy, grocery-store romance.


Pagan couldn’t have an ex-boyfriend that she remained friends with? Like i felt there was literally no actual struggle just a build up and then when the moment came for the two sides to confront each other, it was like the bad guys just decided they didn’t feel like trying anymore even after all their struggle for Pagan before.

If not, then I fail to see the point of his PoV Remember the time wherein she didn’t remember you but you just had to kiss her again?

Despite all the heartache, there are also moments of pure joy and the romance between Pagan and Dank is really hot, lvro to top it off he is a rock star also. Call me a hopeless romantic but that’s what I think. I would love to be in her shoes! It only took me over two years, but yes, I am done and I have to say, I really enjoyed Ceaseless.

Can he make her fall in love with him… again? Her characters don’t do stupid and don’t frustrate me the flines some can by fighting so hard against what should be.