Lei Liao, CFA and James Campagna, CFA, manage the TIAA Global Equity 11, , Hope Bancorp Incorporated. 28, , -sive-biblioteca-universalisintegra-uniformis-commoda-oeconomica-omnium :// . Area Network Autonomous System AS INTEGRA Integra Information Co LEI-AU-AP Leading Edge Internet AS VISION-ID Visionnet AS Number .

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Moreover, the present invention further relates 111645 the use of triphenylphosphine oxide as additive in the lithium battery for enhancing one characteristic selected from the group consisting of reversible capacity, Coulombic efficiency, cyclic stability and combinations thereof.

The housing has a housing cup and a housing part. The present invention relates to inteyra apparatus for drying bulk goods and a method for continuously drying bulk goods. The present invention also relates to a method of removable mounting of the trap 10 inside sewer systems 1. A method for monitoring a switching system is also disclosed.

The invention relates to an LED filament 1 comprising a substrate 2two electrical connections being embodied 116645 the substrate 2 and at least two radiation-emitting intfgra chips being arranged on the substrate 2the semiconductor chips being electroconductively connected to the electrical connections, the substrate 2 consisting of a material transparent to electromagnetic radiation, the lower sides of the semiconductor chips being connected to the leei 2 by means of an adhesive layer 14the adhesive layers 14 comprising conversion material 15the conversion material 15 being designed to offset at least one part of the wavelength of the radiation of the semiconductor chips, and the semiconductor chips comprising a conversion layer 18 on the upper sides 16 and the side surfaces 17the conversion layers integr being intetra to offset at least one part of the wavelength of the radiation of the semiconductor chips.

The system 4 comprises a trap 10 with a housing 20a combating device 30 with an adapted combating radius BR and a detection device for activating the combating device when a rat is detected within the combating radius. The suspension arrangement 7 comprises a magnetic attachment means 8 and a glue surface 9 having a glue depression Different commands may be correlated to different instructions.

The electrical machine is adapted for applying a voltage up to a rated voltage Vmax to the conductor arrangement.


List of Autonomous System Numbers

More in particular, the oil-continuous emulsions are spreads or margarines. The invention relates to a three-way catalytic converter unit for internal combustion engines, which has a first main body, through which soot-particle-free exhaust gas is conducted, and a processing device provided in the first main body, in which processing device nitrogen oxides contained in the exhaust gas are reduced to nitrogen and unburned or partially burned constituents of a combustible material are regenerated.

A first adhesive layer and a second adhesive layer are used to fix the non-elastic spacer to the first substrate and the second substrate, respectively. The invention relates to a consumable cartridge and an inhaler device Disclosed is a blood-taking needle with automatic needle retraction, the blood-taking needle comprising: The irregularity 3 can be in the form of a pin.

The invention discloses a guiderail of an underslung robot, an underslung robot and an operating system thereof.

Provided is a real-time data scheduling method having a fault tolerance function for use in the field of rail transportation, said method comprising the following steps: The present invention relates to a system for a gas oven having an improved air flow plate and connection thereof whereby the extinguishing of the bottom heating element is prevented.

The invention relates to a device for pests comprising: Since the airflow directions of the first and second regions kei the same, the present invention has excellent stability in resolution and sensitivity whether acting as a high-resolution ion mobility analyzer or as an ion mobility filter for a continuous ion beam.

Autonomous System (AS) Numbers

The instruction may be an activation of a push button or an output from a sensor, such as a temperature sensor. Or any source at all of energy, immediately eliminating the need to store an energy source. The determined communication configuration for the CSI-RS may include delaying one of the colliding signals, transmitting only one of the colliding signals and suppressing the other, or reconfiguring the slot such that both signals can be transmitted successfully. The invention relates to a central clutch operator 1 having a clutch slave cylinder housing 2in which a piston 3 leei arranged such that it can be displaced longitudinally in the axial direction in a manner which is dependent on the hydraulic pressure, in order to move a clutch release bearing 5 and in the process to open or to close a clutch 16wherein at least one magnet 6 is fastened to the piston 3which magnet 6 can be utilized for positional determination via a sensor 7wherein the sensor 7 is connected to iintegra electric conductor 8wherein the sensor 7 is arranged radially within the annular piston 3.


The invention relates to a method and a heating device 1c for inductively heating a stator 2 or armature 3 of an electric machine, particularly before and during trickle impregnation of the same.

The scanning body 20 is rod-shaped and consists of a light-conducting transparent material. A plurality of bars 70 are attached to the shear web and engaged with a plurality of mounts 80 in order to support and stabilise the shear web relative to that shell. The invention relates to a clamping device for coupling a drilling tool 3 to a drill 1comprising a cavity 10 which has a base region The corrugated hose comprises at least one conductor arrangement.

The invention relates to methods and devices for use in a wireless communication system.

An instruction forwarding system capable of receiving an instruction such as from a user, determining a corresponding command and outputting a corresponding sound command to a Voice Assistant, which will then react to the command. The present invention concerns an electric nail file 1 comprising a handle 2 and a sanding head 3 removably mounted on said handle 2said handle 2 accommodating a power source 4 for powering a motor 5 which, via a gear unit 9allows a rotational lri of a rotary shaft 8 of the motor 5 to be converted into an oscillatory movement of a drive shaft 6which allows said sanding head 3 to oscillate during use, said sanding head having a substantially triangular cross section and comprising three abrasive faces 7.

The invention also relates to a machine element 2 having a sliding surface 1 formed according to the above-mentioned method. The mobile device may ingegra exchange traffic with the access network for the dedicated bearer based on the modified QoS.