Hyperspace [Michio Kaku] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As stated A roller coaster of an intellectural ride through the extraordnary. Hyperspace has ratings and reviews. Nathan said: Michio Kaku apparently spent his childhood building super-colliders in his parents’ garage. I. 47 quotes from Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the Tenth Dimension: ‘It is often stated that of all the theo.

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Kaku, check out his website: Kaku publishes a sexy bit of science fiction and calls it researched science, everyone’s afraid to look like they don’t “get it. The usual laws of geometry taught in school are obeyed. In the mids, whenJames Clerk Maxwell wrote down the fundamental laws of the electromagnetic force, he ush- ered in the Electric Age, which gave us the dynamo, radio, television, radar, household appliances, the telephone, microwaves, consumer elec- tronics, the electronic computer, lasers, and many other electronic mar- vels.

Without the gravitational force of the sun, all the planets, including the earth, would be flung from the solar hhyperspace into the cold reaches of deep space, where sunlight is too dim to support life. Retrieved from ” https: I soon learned that the unfinished papers on Einstein’s desk were an attempt to construct what he called the unified field theory, a theory that could explain all the laws of nature, from the tiniest atom to the largest galaxy.

God is a 5th dimensional being. Some of the greatest minds in physics have tackled this problem, only to fail. I have developed four fun- damental themes that run through this book like a thread. Finally, when he delivered his oral presentation inthe reception was enthusiastic. Mathematicians and Mystics Magic is any sufficiently advanced technology. According to Maxwell’s equations, the electrons spinning in an atom should lose their energy within a microsecond and plunge into the hypwrspace.

Hyperspace Quotes

He even invents two new words, up and down, to describe motion in this invisible third dimension. Indeed, many theoretical physicists now believe that higher dimensions may be the decisive step in creating a comprehensive theory that unites the laws of nature — a theory of hyperspace.


I studied the scientific literature until I was convinced that I could build what was called a betatron, which could boost electrons to millions of electron volts.

As our home universe is crushed beyond recognition, temperatures will rise violently, creating yet another Big Bang. But if it proves to be correct and explains the symmetries of modern physics, then it will usher in a revolution perhaps equal to the Copernican or Newtonian revolutions. Gateways between our universe and other dimensions are also a favorite literary device. Therefore, the general public is only dimly aware, if at all, of this revo- lution.

First, I purchased a small quantity of sodium, which is radioactive and naturally emits positrons the antimatter counterpart of electrons. To a carp “scientist,” the only things that were real were what the fish could see or touch. Perhaps the reason for their failure is that they were trapped by common sense.


Then, from their sanctuary in higher-dimensional space, these intelligent life forms may be able to witness the death of the collapsing universe in a fiery cataclysm. He has written several books about physics and related topics of science.

Nevertheless, some physicists have speculated that the hyperspave theory may provide the one and only hope of a refuge for intelligent life. The existence of these elusive parallel worlds has also produced end- less religious speculation over the centuries. The cornerstone of Hyperspace theory kaju that there were 10 dimensions for michuo fraction of a fraction of time in the first fraction of time of existence for this universe, but 6 of them probably don It was OK just because the science fiction at the end was a lot hyperspacr fun.

The space station suddenly becomes the center of intense intergalactic rivalry over who should control such a vital link to other parts of the galaxy. Then Riemann’s collection of ten numbers can be symmetrically arranged as in Figure 2. This is the mathematical expres- sion of the principle that higher-dimensional space unifies the laws of nature, that there is “enough room” to unite them in N-dimensional space. By burrowing into the apple, he can carve a tunnel, creating a convenient shortcut to distant lands.

Hyperspace – Michio Kaku – Oxford University Press

There is a growing acknowledgment among physicists worldwide, including several Nobel laureates, that the universe may actually exist in higher-dimensional space. We smugly refuse to admit that parallel universes or dimensions can exist next to ours, just beyond our grasp.


The weak and electromagnetic forces are also exploited to treat serious diseases: The secret of unification, we will see, lies in expanding Riemann’s metric to N-dimensional space and then chopping it up into rectangular pieces. I have mastered it. If the theory is proved correct, then when will we be able kaju harness the power of the hyperspace theory? Apparently, these wormholes connect parts of the apple where time beats at different rates.

When Lewis Carroll’s White Rabbit falls down the rabbit hole to enter Won- derland, he actually falls down a wormhole. It focuses on Kaku’s studies of higher dimensions referred to as hyperspace. If this is true, then this gives us an elegant, simple, and geometric means of providing a coherent and compelling description of the entire hyperspzce. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Science-fiction writers find higher dimensions to be an indispensable tool, using them as a medium for interstellar travel.

However, because the hyperspace theory is a genuine field theory, we eventually expect it to produce numerical answers determining whether these intriguing concepts are possible. This is the book that allowed me to fool an entire room of graduate students into thinking I was utterly Brilliant. Freund, in explaining why higher dimensions are exciting the imag- ination of the scientific world, uses the following analogy: Within 6 decades of Riemann’s lecture, Einstein would use four-dimensional Riemannian geometry to explain the creation of the universe and its evolution.

Simply put, a field is a collection of numbers defined at every point in space that completely describes a force hyperspacr that point. Quantum mechanics, as the author explains, is a convoluted, ugly theory that is only still around because of its abilities to quite precisely predict experimental data.

This sudden collapse is prevented by quantum theory. He spoke of gen- Mathematicians and Mystics 35 eralizing this to the geometry of higher-dimensional space. Being able to see the fourth spatial dimension certainly did not help someone fend off a charging saber-toothed tiger.