Explore releases and tracks from Henrikas Nagys at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Henrikas Nagys at the Discogs Marketplace. In this article, motifs, references and influences of Latvian descent in the poetry of Lithuanian Henrikas Nagys (–) who spent most of his creative life in. Translations from Henrikas Nag. LATERNA OBSCURA. You and I draw a child’s face on the first snow. Under the wild raspberry bushes sister is rocking her doll.

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In the land of blue snow there are no trees: They testify, too, to their creator’s rigorous discipline, to his fanatical obstinacy to conquer the static inertia of matter, and by the same token to his masterly ability to employ to that end every available tech-dualism —of intuitive insight and lety and dramatic force, of monumental ideas and meticulous realization — have given him one of the most prominent places among the younger generation of Lithuanian sculptors.

Beyond the river soldiers sing The newborn moon blooms in hentikas cherry orchard. I speak to you.

Henrikas Nagys. Vytauto Mačernio literatūrinis palikimas

From among his many pieces of sculpture these these might be noted: He is a confrere and active participant in the harsh and hopeless struggles and misfortunes of the soldiers; he sleeps nagjs them in the trenches, he helps them carry and support their weary comrades through the blizzard. The poetry of Nagys is individualistic, idealistic and ideological. In the hall of mirrors not a single person is left: Vivid, overly direct symbolism is replaced by sculpturally deeper ideas. Love is an unwritten but living and vital law; kneeling and rising we are closer to one another than we imagine.


The nostalgic lyric to a lost land complements and alternates with the bitter sarcasm of disillusion.

Equally as original was his ability to give form to these essential themes and ideas. The people he so loved were set against the natural background of their native countryside. Efua, in your long, long dream. His poetry is youthful and committed. Imre, was it you who henrikaz with your coarse woolen coat and the flag, from which your friend’s hand had cut out — like an abscess — the shameful star of slavery the haggard, gaunt body, your sister’s loose yellow hair, and laid words on the street pavement, torn up by tank treads: Late in the evening we came to the city gates.

On hot asphalt barefoot angels are dancing. Yet no one found stronger, sharper words than he, no one was able so uniquely, youthfully and agelessly to express the totality of existence in a few scenes. The poets have resurrected from the smoke a green coral island and the homeland of the albatross. In the shadow of heavy counterforce, where an Angel blows the trumpet of Judgment, our footsteps stayed and echo. Watchmen held out flaming torches to see our faces.

Like a reed in the wind — your waist. Efua, lakes of white moon milk ripple nwgys your dream. He is and wants to be one of them.

Sculptor Vytautas Kasuba – Henrikas Nagys

Shadows on thin silk waver like hollow reeds in a faint aquarelle. He has participated in many exhibitions in Lithuania and other countries, and his work is represented in famous galleries.

In the old German town remember? As a young man he joined a small group of older Lithuanian sculptors, whose work in the years of independence consisted almost without exception in the creation of monumental, harsh and synthetic forms, and he entered this group as an innovator. Gleaming and round, like a copper plate.


And in the sea sand — as in a grave — we slept under overturned boats with stray dogs and the crumbled galaxies of yellow amber. His works testify to the artist’s inventiveness, to his impulsive and introvert creative personality that is capable of breathing human truth into inert matter.

His earliest works already demonstrated that his was not an ordinary talent. Later we scooped up salty water with sweaty helmets. He attempts to change the world, to address man; he connects poetry intimately with ideological decisions.

We are trees — silent and dumb. I am lonely and proud like my brother. Again the author is not a passive spectator or bloodless commentator. A few dialogues, a few fragments and pieces of everyday reality and life. And the moon blooms yellow in the desert. The time has come! Efua, in your dream the orange sun has ripened, naked bride of the morning and stone of innocence.

A few biographical details: In cafes and taverns barefoot angels are dancing. The first poems of Henrikas Nagys appeared in Lithuanian press in and ; since then he has made a notable contribution to Lithuanian poetry. And did not awake in the morning, not ever again awake in the moving sand of the sea town of our birth.

How good it is to cry the tears of native clouds. Sleep peacefully, little girl of Budapest, your death was not in vain Formally, Nagys rejects the traditional poetic schemes and instead uses free rhythm, numerous assonances, and free flow.