Semantic Scholar extracted view of “CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool” by Gene Fliedner. CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool Gene Fliedner Decision and Information Sciences Department, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan. CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool Language: eng. Published: Emerald Subjects: Forecasting,Collaboration,Planning,Supply‚Äźchain management .

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Hoffman and MehraHarris et al. Anecdotal evidence provided from the results of several pilot programs highlight benefits, which are: Suppliers Impact on Business Performance The critical objectives of purchasing departments of an organisation and the customers are to get the right quality of emerginf, at right cost and right quantity at right time from the right suppliers.

CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool – EconBiz

Almost immediately after its initial efforts to collaborate on supply chain forecasts, Heineken’s North American distribution operations experienced a 15 percent reduction in its forecast errors Hill and Mathur, The benefits includes, improved service level, reduced inventory and aligned production capacity.

Web services have recently afforded an essential opportunity for inter-enterprise integration along the supply chain to realize a dynamic virtual network for enterprises Van Hillegersberg et al. Replenishment Replenishment collaboration broadens the replenishment process throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to the store shelf.

W Krumwiede and R. Causal linkages in supply chain management: Jennings and Zeng projected strategic benefits and problems relating to the outsourcing decision.

Each of these steps is then repeated iteratively in a continuous cycle, at varying times, by individual products and the calendar of events established between trading partners. It is felt that in future all organization will have to initiate inter enterprise relationship through collaboration based management of planning processes and information sharing. In a research survey conducted by InformationWeek of information technology executives currently using or deploying ERP, 52 percent of the respondents indicated current involvement or future plans to create a business supply chain using ERP software Stein, The conflicting objective between the profit maximizing vendor and cost minimizing customer gives rise to the adversarial supply chain relationship.


These improvement initiatives naturally progressed externally to include collaboration between the firm and its suppliers as well cbain between the firm and its customers.

The future of CPFR Many companies are beginning to use their intranet to enhance collaboration of internal suplpy Dalton, with enterprise resource planning ERP systems. The server examines pairs of corresponding forecasts and issues an exception notice for any forecast xn where the difference exceeds a preestablished safety margin e.

The impact of forecasting, emreging times and information.

Although, the decision to outsource can have both positive and adverse effects on key areas of the manufacturing supply cofr, one positive effect is that the manufacturers supply chain agility is increased Mason and Towill, RFID technology is a wireless Automatic Identification and Data Capture AIDC technology which can increase the visibility of information at various layers of the supply chain, allowing members to gather precise information on real demand and improve replenishment process Fosso-Wamba et al.

Asian Journal of Industrial Engineering, 2: Supply Chain Practice, 3: In the simplified supply chain, the point of collaboration utilizing CPFR becomes the retail level demand forecast which is then used to synchronize replenishment and production plans throughout the entire supply chain Fliedner, The POS store data is more detailed as it represents daily, shelf-level demands for individual stores.


Quantifying the bullwhip effect in supply chains. Sharing sensitive operating data may enable one trading partner to take advantage of the other. Most of the research on bullwhip effect is now focusing on reducing its impact on supply chain management.

Customer-Supplier Relationship Management Global ann and other environmental pressures foster the companies to be more responsive to their customers.

CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool

The front-end partnership agreements, nondisclosure agreements, and limited information access may help overcome these fears. A third driving force is the longer, more complex supply chain given moves to offshore production.

Collaboration also involves strategic joint decision making about partnerships and network design McLaren et al. This system would enable suppliers, partners, distributors, emerginf even consumers real-time access to the ERP system via an extranet.

Strategically managed buyer-supplier relationships and performance outcomes. Because CPFR is relatively new, data to evaluate its impact empirically are not readily available. Indian organizations are increasingly deploying supply chain strategies for logistics improvements- to increase sales revenue, enhance profits, reduce order to delivery cycle time and minimize inventories Sahay and Mohan, The results of several pilot programs indicate potential benefits for retailers including higher sales, higher service levels in-stock levelsand lower inventories.

Experiences from China resources logistics Hong Kong. A number of definitions are proposed and the concept is discussed from many perspectives.

There are two principal drawbacks of EDI.

An analysis of the dri