the world with the industry’s most complete selection of products for Throughout the Cambro catalog, find the following easy to identify icons to help explain. Cambro Manufacturing supports foodservice operators worldwide with products StoreSafe: Food Safety. Schools. Healthcare. Catalog. CAD / Cut Sheets. throughout the Cambro catalog to identify Cambro storage and transportation products that help ensure food safety handling. You can learn more about.

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Just as importantis how critical it is for operators to extend catapogue shelf life The Harbor Collection The Harbor Collection offers a stylish tray top presentation and supports temperature maintenance, giving a patients and residents one more reason to look forward to meal time. H-Pan Food Pan with single and double handle is designed with convenience, safety and efficiency in mind.

BAR pours on a double-shot of style with a variety of designer decor options to create a moredramatic, upscale ambience Cabinet exterior stays coolduring operation.

Transfer fresh produce, fish, meat, cagalogue into ColanderKits. Kelterstrasse 51 Unterensingen Germany 49 90 0 webmaster cambro. Anodized aluminum uprights andremovable, adjustable chrome platedsteel slide rails hold full-size food pans orsheet pans.

Designed to work with unitizedpellet system, heat on demand base systems and This virtually unbreakable polycarbonate tray is ideal for use in high traffic cafeterias.

Cambro Foodservice Equipment and Supplies

Your GreenInitiatives will get rapid resultswith Easy to assemble and adjust, Basics Plus is resistant to scratching, peeling and warping, plus it features a lifetime warranty against corrosion. Designed to work with centralized cookto catlogue tray lines and unitized pellet orheat on demand base systems, Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Vertical Drying Rack” P.

  ISO 4589-2 PDF

It has all of the features that you love and trust in our classic MPC plus so much more! Cambro is a proud recipient of the U. Easy and Quick to CleanUnquestionably Strong, Durable and StablePosts and traverses, the weightbearing components, are madeof a steel core with a thickpolypropylene exterior. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “World Catalogue ” P. All Cambro catalogs and technical brochures.

Flip Through the Catalog. Improve tray presentation and enhance patient experience with Cambro’s matching ceramic ware collection. For a Complete List of U. Tablotherm Meal Delivery System The Tablotherm is a single-serve meal delivery system that is designed to hold a combination of hot and cold foods in one unit.

SinceCambrohas helped healthcare and correctionalfacility operatorsdeliver trays to acutecare patients, long-term care clientsand inmates. Securely store trays,cutting boards, lids and sheet pans upright The Efficient Drying and Storage SolutionThe Vertical Drying Rack provides foodservice operators with a non-corrosive storagesolution while keeping warewashing areas organized and efficient.

Innovative, lighter weight packaging features lesscorrugate and an appealing POS merchandising label. Transfer food out of shipping cartons and quickly transportperishable food to cold storage Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Versa Tray Ecologic” P. This lightweight, low profile plate cover fits 9″ plates and is ideal for use in heated meal delivery carts with limited tray spacing, maintaining an appetizing tray presentation.

Open the catalog to page 3. Open the catalog to cambbro 2. Related Searches Stainless steel prep table Preparation table Design display rack Refrigerated prep table Modern shelf Commercial shelf Food display rack Commercial trolley Refrigerated buffet Serving tray Shelf on casters Prep table with storage compartment Central refrigerated buffet Hotel room serving tray Steel shelf Wheel refrigerated buffet Commercial serving tray Ice cart Stainless steel trolley Restaurant refrigerated buffet.


Deliver faster than ever with this perfectly-sized top loading transporter with carrying strap. Ergonomic molded-in handles are at a safeheight cambo both low and tall profile units A must-have for any foodservice operation, the Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack is designed to store, stage and transport hot or cold food on sheet pans or trays. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

All Cambro catalogs and technical brochures

Catalouge food pan with handle keeps hot, battered and crisp foods in hot holding units ensuring even temperature retention, keeping flavor, texture and consistency for longer periods during service More Portable Than Ever!

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Storesafe” P. Open the catalog to page 7. The textured non-skid surface ensures cambgo stay in place during transport. Low Profile Tray Meal Delivery CartComplementary ProductsEnhance patient satisfaction with high quality, room-service style meals served quietly andefficiently.

The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition. Open the catalog to page 4.