Fine Controls are the Official UK Premier partner for the Burkert product range type Electromagnetic Flow Meters, carrying extensive stock. installation using Burkert insertion paddlewheel transmitters or sensors. Type Digital Flow Transmitter. Fluid Control Systems. Insertion Magmeter. MAGNETIC INDUCTIVE. FLOW TRANSMITTER. INSTRUCTION . Electrical wiring for the flow transmitter. .. Contact your local Bürkert.

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Reengineered insertion mag flow meter 8045 – with selection guide!

Its reengineering was to improve existing PCB and display based features, expanding options in accordance with evolving industrial technologies.

The electromagnetic flowmeter is made up of an electronic module including a backlit display, operating keys and a sensor consisting of PVDF or stainless steel material.

Standard Article number descending Article number ascending Price descending Price ascending. Where suitable, the insertion mag flow meter delivers considerable cost savings, installation efficiencies, and maintenance simplicity.

Applications where the Insertion mag buroert meter is frequently burkrrt ideal choice are those where the extreme accuracy of full-bore mag flow meters typically 0. Select to view 80445 1. For selecting the correct product please refer to the technical data, images and notes for proper use according to the data sheet.

Cookies must be enabled to use this function. In the latter case the unit will do an auto-calibration once installed on the particular application. The depiction of the products may differ from the actual specific design. This function allows the operator to set a lower limit, under 8405 the measurement value is set as zero.


For wastewater treatment, surface treatment, laundries and food industry applications. Downloads All All languages.

By purchasing products from this Site, you bukrert and agree that you have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of this online store. Electromagnetic flow meters use the principles of Faraday’s law with proportional mathematical algorithms to derive flow rate and flow volume from changing voltage readings. The flow meter has a backlit display, push-button keypad, and is buurkert with a Some fields are missing.

This product article includes a guide to suitable insertion mag flow meter applications, where you can save significant time and money, versus using the full-bore type flow meters. Calibration is done by either using the standard calibration factors or the unique Teach-in function.

For more information email us at: Some fields are missing. Some versions are equipped with two relay outputs and one digital input. Electromagnetic flow meters, or mag flow meters, are used where the process media has small or large particulate content, and there 845 inconsistent, aggressive or challenging liquid media content – eg, sea water or brine applications.

Burkert Type – Electromagnetic Flow Meter | Fine Controls Ltd

Reed relay closing 0. Stainless steel and Brass. These flow meters operate under the same principle as the more common full-bore electromagnetic flow meter, including local or remote display, with burkerg and outputs, as well as a new digital input to allow reset, hold, and other functionality.


This feature has been added to facilitate remote control capabilities, via site control systems and newly available cloud-based and remote monitoring technologies. Specific benefits to using the insertion type mag flow meter in preference to the full-bore style include: This allows control system initiated reset of totalising functions, HOLD mode go-to, zero-point calibration, and other functions. Mag flow meters are highly accurate, robust, and versatile for measuring most process media. Thank you for visiting www.

Two independent totalizers allow counting the flow rate.

Burkert Type 8045 – Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The reengineered unit expands on this, with optimisations including a new adjustable backlit display for reading and gurkert in dim conditions. Type now offers a cut-off feature, designed to optimise use in low flow applications. Flow Control of liquids with or without solid particles. With standard mean K-factor: Use-based benefits of the include automatic calibration and output signal simulation, plus versatility in programming.