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Interesting subject — I’m a big fan of books about church scandals. I suspected that I’d find the sort of female characters I wanted to hear about in crime novels more than I did in litfic – where the emphasis is on what they’re doing, not a set of ideas about Being A Woman that I’m expected to relate to but don’t – and here I was right. This one was set in Sweden. Because he is as beautiful as an icon lying there, to tell the truth, with the dark blood like a halo round his long, fair, St.

Does this sound familiar? Me aged 18 would have fit in with it much better To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Overall, I found it fast-paced and enjoyable with a satisfying conclusion.

Sun Storm (Rebecka Martinsson, #1) by Åsa Larsson

I’ve just ordered the sequel. An interesting, if somewhat disjointed story. Sanna’s character can be the better characterized character in the entire book, but her attitudes and her personality almost make us want to tear the pages off and set if on fire.

Its remoteness and isolation are integral to the story. De puta madre, me ha gustado. The characters are stick figures and basically uninteresting.


Although, I haven’t felt compelled to pick up the sequels to ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,’ I enjoyed Steig Larsson’s style of writing. Contrary to all her intentions, Rebecka risks her job and forces herself to face the legacy of a past and confront the demons that drove her from the town and left larason reputation in tatters but she is less certain that she will be able to help Sanna.

A close-lipped community makes things even tougher but threatening to expose some financial scandals proves fortuitous as the truth comes into sight.

View all 12 comments. Her caring for the little girls was commendable and her determination was admirable, but I couldn’t always tolerate her personality. The story starts off when charismatic religious figure Viktor Strandgard is brutally murdered in the revivalist church he created, The Source of Larssom Our Strength. Anna-Marie Mella aids, the lead detective, offers a smart, practical foil for Rebecca.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It’s warm, cozy, and full of personalities. I just wanna smack her around. She is psychologically shaken by the death of her brother, so much she can barely take care of her two daughters. No one would believe that.

Aurora Boreal by ASA Larsson (hardback ) | eBay

The thought of some astonishing landscape thrown into the mix appealed to me as well. The writing does not help, consisting as it does of flat, declarative statements for the most part.

They have two daughters: But the novel opens with a stunning description of the aurora borealis and works its way past the blood and gore to characters and a plot that gain in strength and lucidity and momentum to the extent that I couldn’t put ‘Sun Storm’ down. Mary Kuoppa keeps him in buns.


She’s such a weaselly immature, self-obsessed wimp! View all 11 comments. The last part of the book, even if not completely believable, was tense and exciting!

Åsa Larsson

After the boom that was Stieg Larsson’s trilogy, several Nordic authors began to gain knowledge in the international literary world. Kristina is the cowed wife.

She doesn’t h I can’t believe the high ratings.

Below them are five elders including Frans Zachrisson and Alf Hedman. He’s an incompetent, attention-seeking jerk with delusions of competence. Refresh and try again. He is getting drowsy.

Aurora Boreal by Asa Larsson (Paperback / softback, 2010)

She wants so badly to keep her daughters and yet hasn’t a clue or doesn’t care enough to take care of them. Unwittingly she is drawn into the investigation for the killer. He is the most incredibly disgusting jerk, and it’s too much fun to read how disrespected borel is, lol. At times I felt like the narrative in this first outing was a little awkward, the character of Rebecka Martinsson still carving out a role and personality for herself, whilst also being faced with the unenviable surora of returning to a childhood home that she was effec 3.

Jul 12, Libby rated it really liked it. The Source of All Our Strength.