Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan has ratings and 19 reviews. Holly said: stars. Fun read. Todd Gallagher suffers from the all too common wr. Directed by Todd J. Gallagher. With Andy Roddick, Todd J. Gallagher. ‘Andy Roddick Beat me With a Frying Pan’. Courtesy Three Rivers Press. As strange as it may sound to anyone with a sense of decency, there.

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He even plays beer pong with a professional dart player! He became the youngest director of player personnel in pro basketball history when he was appointed to that position in the USBL at the age of twenty-one. Refresh and try again. I kept running around it but you can’t do that forever. He started missing, and pretty soon I was cruising.

Could You Beat Roddick — If He Used A Frying Pan?

But you can never account for the heart of a champion, especially when you’re talking about kitchen utensils. Gallagher isn’t half as funny as he thinks he is, but the overall plan of the book is nothing short of brilliant.

You wouldn’t win a point and would possibly get injured by one of bext serves. Still, it qualifies as persuasive, informative, and entertaining. There’s no great build throughout the book, so feel free to dip in and just read the questions that seem interesting.

He put these debates to the test—literally. We started rallying, and Roddick was, unfortunately, amazing. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

You can’t put a spin on the ball — and because you can only use one side of the pan, no backhands. Some of the highlights include an olympic swimmer doggie-paddling, sumo wrestlers as NFL linemen, and the awe-inspiring offense of midget baseball players. I first heard about this book on a morning talk radio show and finally got around to adding it, after the radio show decided to attempt to beat the Washington Mystics women’s basketball team. The book attempts to answer goofy sports questions, like “What would happen if a team of all midgets played in a Major League Baseball game?


Despite the title of his book, Gallagher beat Roddick. This isn’t one of my traditional types of book but after buying it for my husband, I ended up reading the entire thing in a day.

For instance, one dealth with the time he played goalie with immensely oversized goalie gear that put him from goalpost to goalpost in width to see if he could shut out the Washington Capitals NHL This is a wild, entertaing read. That he was this good after just 15 minutes of practice or a week, depending on who you believe was remarkable.


He sent an all-midget lineup up against a pro baseball team. If I could fiddle around with it, I’d be OK. Feb 22, Chris rated it it was amazing. Heat, only one side of a frying pan can be used to strike the ball, meaning that he would have to flip over the pan every time he switched to his backhand.

To Roddick’s credit, though, he fought through these problems. Massive goalies, midget batters, and Mike Tyson Contest winner Chris Wetzel found out the answer today, and that answer was “no. Lastly, it bsat force him to expend a lot of toddick energy to resist making bad “out of the frying pan” puns when he won a point. He also has his friend race an Olympic sprinter with the aid of one of those walkways in the airport.

The main one was his inability to put spin on the ball.

First look at NFL playoff bracket: One Super Bowl win and say goodbye Washington Redskins. Playing from the back court, he made a concerted effort to run around any ball hit to his backhand — no simple feat, since Sith kept putting the ball to that side.


Unlike Andy, I can’t hit any of them particularly well or with any kind of wiht or placement. Fourth, a frying pan has no strings, taking away Roddick’s ability to use a variety of spins that help him hit powerful and well-placed groundstrokes. The writing is good enough, but not spectacular. On match point, Roddick slapped a forehand wide and the guy with the racket won.

Andy Roddick Beat Me With A Frying Pan!!! | Talk Tennis

The best tennis player in America did an impressive job keeping rallies going, but I didn’t bail him out by making errors. I was getting a little concerned. Almost immediately he identified the need to stay at the baseline, and after only a couple of minutes of warmups he recognized that the backhand had to be avoided at all costs. Considering that a frying pan is heavier than a racket, has a smaller surface area, and has no strings, that he could hit the ball right away with no trouble is beyond belief.

Jon Jones still fighting off the asterisk 1d Brett Okamoto. Each chapter chronicles this guy’s “match” with a star s. Everything you need to know 19h Kevin Seifert. Mitch Cowan rated it really liked it Nov 19, Roddiick hard as he tried to keep the ball in the court, the frying pan I had saddled him with eventually did what I wanted it to. Andy Roddick plays tennis with a frying pan at a charity event in Boca Raton, Fla. D-riddled opponent, who wants to pretend he’s Andy Roddick and hit the ball hard, will do something stupid and miss.

The excerpt fryign on Gallagher’s battle with a pan-wielding Roddick. This book is hilarious, and it’s very interesting to see how the This book is for all sports fans.