Buy Bitter Lemons of Cyprus Main by Lawrence Durrell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Bitter Lemons of Cyprus is Lawrence Durrell’s unique account of his time in Cyprus, during the s Enosis movement for freedom of the. On a Mediterranean island divided, a man finds peace in a time of perilous unrest in this stunning memoirIn , as the British Empire relaxes its grip upon the.

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Inhe abandoned his home on the island and left Cyprus very rapidly for a very brief residence in the UK, quickly relocating to France for the remaining three decades of his life. Justine Balthazar Mountolive Clea Durrell’s prose is sharp and intelligent, and always has a touch of the poetic about it. Durrell takes one last day trip with an island friend a dureell master to pick flowers by the sea.

Bitter Lemons is a fascinating book of national culture, class, creed and psychology. Cyprus, although still ethnically divided, is prosperous. Greek Cypriots repeatedly assured him of this love, assured him that their struggle for Enosis in no way represented a hatred of the Bitte.

Bitter Lemons of Cyprus

Especially certain terms that are unexplained enosis – union with Greece, etc. Fortunately there is more to this classic of travel writing than irritating portraits of the locals.

People in Bitter Lemons are always slipping off for a glass of the stuff on some terrace or another. She loved so much the island for which she suffered so much. Caterina is depicted as a queen who, like Durrell, loved art, philosophy, intellectuals, artists and poets, and was fascinated by the mythical kingdoms of the east; with the cloths of gold, fruit and spices, the scent of spring, old castles of the crusaders, the beautiful churches, and the goodness of the people of Cyprus.


Bitter Lemons Of Cyprus by Lawrence Durrell – Canongate Books

Quotes from Bitter Lemons. At this point, I was doggedly making further allowances for Durrell, reminding myself that the book was written on the second half durrwll the 20th century, that men were then permitted, hell, even expected to think and act like they knew everything about everything even or especially when they were clueless, that that was the way cookie crumbled then, that Durrell durrekl trying his best to be fair and understanding in his own snobbish way; but I am not going to play it down, Bitter Lemons is one of the most frustrating, ignorant and equivalently arrogant piece of work written by a member of an occupying power about the place they had occupied I have ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes upon.

And his friend, Sir Harry Luke: His heroic acts were rendered futile by the fact that the rescuing fleet never arrived.

But wishing it was otherwise does not make peace any easier. Durrell, it is rare to read such a well-informed and balanced travel memoir, and thus, I would recommend Bitter Lemons of Cyprus highly.

He seems to concentrate on ideas rather than a sequence of actions or events. Durrell says this of the book I paraphrase: The characters of the figures Durrell depicts have no relevance beyond their symbolic identities.

Bitter Lemons – Wikipedia

Without this armed struggled against the British, Cyprus would have gained her independence probably years later during the lmons of decolonisation in Africa. The first school in my town opened inmore than a century later. View all 4 comments. Cyprus was then forgotten; but the opening of the Suez Canal has suddenly restored her to her ancient pride of place.

Durell is best known as the author of the Alexandria Quartet, a series of sensuous, dream-like books about life just before World War II in that coastal Egyptian city.

Who could discern in the thought-process of a modern Greek the exercise of a logic which was Socratic? The Hodja stood watching me from his balcony with his cat in his arms – a patch of vivid black like a raven’s wing. In the need for metaphors, connections and relations Durrell typifies a modern approach sharing feelings of disquiet of the avant-garde literary experience. The government instead persists in treating the dhrrell as merely the obsession of a few isolated hotheads — first to be ignored and then, to be put down with force.


But despite the fact that Durrell lived there for a few years, as a teacher and then as an employee of the British government, I never got the sense that he attempted to become part of the community – the seeming lack of connection and the sometimes detached writing felt heavy and “ploddy”.

Bitter Lemons Of Cyprus

The whole book Bitter Lemons, which I personally find closer to poetry than prose, is full of symbolism. All of which amount to either lawremce interesting retelling of an era or, at least, a lovely evocation of a place. Want to Read saving…. Print Hardback and Paperback. I dote him and he dotes me.

We experience the beauty of the island and the warmth of family and community. Lawrence Durrell loved Western Civilization with a passion and believed fervently that the great Greek genius of classical era was still alive in the 20 th century. Durrell says this of the book I paraphrase:. Lovely stuff, similar raisiny flavor profile to a PX sherry, but less syrupy and cloying–you can drink this without fear of developing type-2 diabetes.

And from it pours scorn for the Cyprus the author chose to settle in. Bragadino, also fond of Cyprus, fought the invaders but lost Famagusta and his life. Thanks for telling us about the problem.